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Labor Code for Producers of Auburn University Licensed Products

Auburn University is committed to managing its licensing program in a socially responsible and ethical manner consistent with our educational, research and service missions, and to protecting and preserving the global environment. Auburn requires that its licensees ensure licensed product is produced in fair working conditions and challenges them to be environmentally responsible throughout its supply chain. We require that all licensees disclose factory locations where AU product is produced.

Auburn University’s Sustainability Policy declares sustainability to be a core institutional value and defines sustainability as meeting human needs now and in the future, in a fair, just and equitable way, while protecting and maintaining healthy ecosystems in perpetuity. Nature, the Economy, Society, and Individual Wellbeing are all aspects of a sustainable and flourishing world. Auburn’s workplace code of conduct is an important component of Auburn’s sustainability program.

As we consider corporate social responsibility, we are challenged by The Auburn Creed which is more than words on a page to Auburn people. The Creed in itself is a code of conduct. It is a code that challenges us to touch the lives of other people and to act justly toward them personally and toward the environment in which they live. Auburn University expects its licensees to share this commitment and requires all licensees, at a minimum, adhere to the principles set forth in the code of conduct agreement which is administered by The Collegiate Licensing Company.