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A Brand is More Than a Logo

Look below for examples of brands, trademarks, logos, and more and how they are intended to be used in context. From the official University Logo to commonly heard phrases like “War Eagle,” you’ll find all their information here.

Interlocking AU

Auburn University’s primary logo.

Interlocking AU

Primary logo for use on dark backgrounds.

Interlocking AU

Primary logo for use on orange backgrounds.

Interlocking AU

Primary logo for one-color uses.

Interlocking AU

Primary logo for smaller one-color uses or difficult application such as debossing.

Tiger Eyes

Secondary spirit mark.

Athletics Word Mark

Auburn Tigers official copperplate word mark.

Football Helmet Mark

One of the most iconic helmet marks in all of college football.

Beanie Tiger

Auburn’s most popular vintage mark, the Beanie Tiger has been around since the 1950s.

Eagle Through A

One of Auburn’s more confusing marks features a bald eagle, although the symbol for Auburn University and the official War Eagle is always a golden eagle.

Leaping Tiger

Calling all children of the 90s! Do you remember when this mark adorned both sides of Jordan-Hare’s south end zone scoreboard and they lit up when the crowd was loud?

University Seal

The full-color Auburn University seal is used in official capacities such as on diplomas.

Scalloped Seal

The scalloped Auburn University seal.


Auburn’s mascot, Aubie, is one of the greatest in the land!

Aubie Standing

Aubie with attitude.


Auburn University®

Auburn Tigers®


War Eagle®

War Damn Eagle®



Auburn Family®

Bodda Getta®



Tiger Walk®