Rivers Advertising

Rivers Advertising offers a complete range of promotional products and creative consulting services. From fun items to traditional, we are proud to provide some of the hottest items on the market. Whether you want to improve traffic at trade shows, boost student recruitment, acknowledge donors and increase giving, motivate staff, or thank a customer, Rivers Advertising is a one-stop shopping source. Owner Carol R. Waters brings 35 years of experience and creativity to each client. Carol strives to ensure client success regardless of budget size. She is able to handle all aspects of sales and customer relations herself, ensuring a highly personal service experience.

Rivers Advertising has had the privilege of doing business with Auburn University since the 1980s. Formerly based in Union Springs, AL and currently based in Dadeville, AL, Rivers Advertising is close in proximity to Auburn. This location lends itself to regular in-person meetings and event attendance. Carol will personally ensure that orders are in compliance with AU licensing and trademark standards and available in correct AU orange and/or navy. Rivers Advertising is committed to providing products that are of high quality and that meet all brand guidelines.

Rivers Advertising, LLC
79 Deer Point
Dadeville, AL 36853
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Carol R. Waters
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