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Artist Licensing

Auburn operates an artist licensing agreement to service hobby artists who have a desire to use Auburn’s intellectual property on prints.

Using Auburn Trademarks for Art Pieces

Baked Goods

Learn the procedure for using Auburn trademark on baked goods for celebrations from one of our licensed bakeries.

Using Auburn Trademarks on Baked Goods

Broadcast Use

Auburn will consider requests by production companies to use university branding in a TV show or movie.

Using Auburn Trademarks in TV or Movies

Business Use

Discover information about how your business can and cannot use Auburn trademarks and products.

Using Auburn Trademarks for Your Business

Memorial Requests

Request to use an Auburn trademark on a headstone, cremation urn or other memorial monument.

Using Auburn Trademarks for Memorials

Political Use

Auburn University maintains neutrality when it comes to candidates for public office.

Political Use