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Business or Organization Use of Auburn Branding

Use of university branding by third party businesses or organizations gives the appearance that the university has authorized your use and endorses your group. Therefore, the use of Auburn branding by a third party business is limited to companies with which the University has a formal written contract. Such uses include, but are not limited to, use of actual university logos, name, and verbiage (view brand elements), pictures of campus, or activities on campus, slogans, distinct graphics (i.e. uniforms and uniform elements, trees with toilet paper, Aubie, the eagle, campus landmarks/buildings).

Businesses may not distribute product, produce ads for print or digital, place on websites or install wall graphics that use university branding without approval from Auburn’s licensing office. Contact the licensing office at

In addition, any artist or business interested in including Auburn branding (logos, traditions, mascots, etc.) on murals on the outside of their business building (as outlined in the City of Auburn guidance on murals) must email before starting a project to receive authorization from the University.